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SMB STORIES : Enjoying the Spice of Life - Swati Patil

Thankful Life ends up having more. Life, the synonym of uncertainty thus making it worth living. A University Mathematics topper and a former Assistant Professor for a decade in Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Solapur, Maharashtra, Mrs. Swati Ramesh Patil was incognizant that utter shift in life would ever instruct her to adopt a business she loved as her hobby after a humungous professional experience as an Asst. Professor for almost a decade in Engineering colleges.


Being the eldest in a disciplined family , Swati was always pushed to the limit to perform her best in whatever she laid her hands on. Recognized for her perfection, hard work and perseverance, she believes in questing for hopes and dreams.In our segment of SMB Stories, it was our first encounter with a person who is comfortable being in her present state.

Taking the stride through past turn of events of her life , she apprised us that the decision was mutual. Her husband Mr Ramesh Patil, an Assistant Professor in a Medical College, Solapur, has been her biggest support in life while she played her mathematical tunes as well as when she sat back to life the opportunity to enjoy motherhood . Her newborn twins were yearning for her presence around them more than anything else. 'My family is my priority and I am always ready to go to any extent for them ' , She says gleamingly.

The situation made her glance in the different directions that could keep her occupied while taking care of her babies, in the most creative ways. This intrigued us a bit and we searched for remorese behind her story , was there any ? For leaving something she always wanted to be ,: a teacher , her dream of life throughout her childhood and then a good chunk of time into teaching. Was this change disturbing ? We dug in deep.

Did renouncing a flourishing career make her feel the pain of loss ?

We make all possible efforts for our tiniest sacrifice to count, on the contrary, this lady was happy with an unattached sign of repentance. Adding another layer to her intellectual approach , Mrs. Patil added ' We often underestimate Mathematics as if it isn't important. You'll hear a lot of students cribbing about the subject but infact all good things are built around us are a boon of maths. From Medical science to mathematics , from Finances to Designing ; , & we couldn't agree more. Indeed , how could we calculate the years spent on ourselves by our parents ,were an investment that made us achieve different things in life .

Being a part of a bilingual family,(the family converses in Marathi and Kannada) she explained to us that kids learn faster in their mother tongue than in any other language and thus Swati revealed that her kids are studying in a well-known Marathi school ,Jnana Prabodhani. This made us acknowledge her incredible contemplation as a mother , a teacher and as a woman who acknowledges growing in a rapid changing environment required to grow as much she respects following the traditions like every ritual followed in festivals.

We are a part of a society where we boast about our abundance mostly through our kids. The couple appreciates the education system of the school that made them select it over other schools. We barely encounter such souls whose approach toward life inspires us to listen to our hearts. We need more such people in our society who dare to create their legacy than being just a part of the crowd.


While Swati was growing up , her co-curricular activities her college days were that of knitting and making handmade decor products. Like a lot of us having a hobby and an aim different , a dozen year exclusive journey of being a faculty in college took a back seat and her hobby took the driving seat in the second phase of Swati's life.

Exploring different hobbies , Mrs. Patil switched on to making woolen dresses on order. Swinging along the motherhood chair and the newly found love for handmade products , a long lost hobby , Swati enjoys making jewelry that Sholapur loves !

Handmade Floral and beaded neckpieces and hair accessories for her brand Navinya Creation , Swati makes amazing local-famous Halwa Jewellery , Girl's jewellery, Sankrant special is one of her forte in the jewelry designing sector.The range extends across all ages from baby to old women.

Wishing Mrs. Swati Patil an amazing journey ahead , we are obliged to be a part of the women entrepreneurs's Journey as she shows from Sholapur to nationwide with her creative pursuit.


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