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SMB STORIES : Rising above & Beyond the fate & Destiny_ Mrs. Jyoti Machhi

With eyes glistening and an ear to ear smile , this Jewelpreneur from Anand , Gujarat has made through the odds that life offers us so beautifully that her scars have worn out with her willingness to create a beautiful life for her and her family . Her husband and her willingness to make things happen has been the core to her success story at this age. An inspirational story of a woman who has seen it all yet stands tall.

Mrs. Jyoti Machhi , lives with her husband and her two children in the home she bought with the money saved in the most conservative ways ,most mom in Indian houses do ."Save a part of your earnings no matter what , and Forget about it. I have been doing this since ages and I have been able to make my own house & business out of that saved proportion", says the woman who has seen scratch and has rose above it. Her story is not just a story of a woman who has been supported by her family but is also a medium of physical , mental , financial support to her family back and many others of her clan. Her perseverance and grit towards making her life better has able to contribute in a healthy way in building lives of other couple whose families have not been able to support their marriage fully.

The enthusiasm towards living life incredibly attracts people like bees to honey. The way Mrs. Machhi speaks to you with utter patience , with no ulterior motives in her mind and a beautiful aura charming people around her is beautiful. Mrs. Jyoti Machhi is famously known for Jewellery Brand , which she claims is resold and re-advertised by many from her Jewelry & resellers community.

But all this did not start just easily from the thin air. The journey is worth a thousand words and is yet bravely embraced by the beautiful soul.Although she walked down the aisle early ,she found her soulmate in her husband Mr. Anil Kumar , her biggest support throughout her life. " I went to take my Std. XIIth results with my husband " , Jyoti smiles today remembering her marriage which happened just after her XIIth , at the age of 18. While she was relishing every fraction of her time with her husband when one day a deadly disease turned everything upside down and bound her husband to reside at home to almost 3 years. No alternate source of income worsened the situation. Gradually things started dropping apart. Circumstances forced the mother of three to step out to make both ends meet. Owing to no degree ruled out finding an official job. Financially not so strong parents were helpless, though provided her with their emotional support and proceed to be there with her through her hardship. But destiny again played her most malevolently and she lost her only brother aged 21, the very next day of Rakshabandhan.

The deserted heart knew she was on a solitary journey. As they say, every sabal has a silver lining. She didn't have a professional degree, but she was good at culinary. She decided to sail through the storm with the quality she dominated. For the next few years, she worked as a household cook for some people. After three intense years of suffering, life came to a lull with her husband getting back to his work. By now, Jyoti was familiar with her inner self and determined to resume her journey as an entrepreneur. Her husband, her pillar of strength considered her decision. She pivotted from her cookery job and started a parlour after a short course , back at home. It flourished . And with a flourishing business flourished another hobby which got blurred with the the mid -life crisis Jyoti suffered. A wish to get dressed, a wish that made all her sorrows vanish - dressup and get ready to impress herself ! After some time, with the money saved ,the couple started the aquarium business where the whole family contributes to attaining the goal.

Adversity strengthens us to leave behind our securities. Close encounters with the harsh reality of life made Jyoti actively participate in social services. She has been contributing to communal marriage with her acquaintance with the motto " many hands make the burden light" for the past 12 years. She also imparts her knowledge through teaching in different institutes. It's surprising how she gets time to accomplish numerous things within limited hours from designing jewellery to taking classes and helping her husband in business, and the list is endless. She also takes care of her old parents residing nearby. She states " A trouble shared is a trouble halved". The family shares how they spent their day every night with each other. Her younger daughter Neha is a postgraduate in commerce and her son Jigar is a science graduate.

While recollecting her childhood memories, Ms Jyoti told us that ornamentation always grabbed her attention since childhood. Her interest motivated her to take a step further toward her passion and opening a parlour. Women have a natural inclination towards make-up. Parlour and makeup complement each other. Wearing matching Jewellery for all her attire, captivated her since adolescence. Later, along with her eldest daughter Lipsa, she engaged in making jewellery for someone else. The 'job' turned into a business when the mother-daughter decided to take a lunge further and started their own Jewellery business after their initials : Jyoti -Lipsa Jewellery , famously called "JL Jewellery"

Lockdown provided her with the chance initiate her venture. They believe that no matter how much you know, there is always the possibility of learning new things. She knew how to design jewellery in the Land of Diamonds & Jewellery, Gujarat and further took few more took trainings in designing different kinds of jewellery. Happily smiling , Mrs. Machhi says " I bought materials worth Rs. 10,000 of which I sold not a single piece. I gifted them all. That was my first earning. " And the journey rolled off another laugh. The business was on! They start their business with huge orders in a row. With growing name she was recently called in her previous institute to take classes on Jewellery making . The company also deals in selling jewellery materials to other small businesses. After some time, she found that designing wedding jewellery seized her attention more than anything. She now takes customized orders on Bridal jewellery.

Within no time her brand JL jewellery has etched a name in Anand , Gujarat & Maharasthra. One can find personal branding visibly present while your brise customized jewellery even without the brand name with a Smiling women in her 40's wearing most beautiful handmade jewellry.The philanthropist keeps on bestowing gifts to her staff and customers out of her profits. Jyoti is on her way to changing the world by staying genuine and taking care of people around her and spreading happiness with them .


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