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The Marketing Technique that changed how companies worked across the world : Influencer Marketing

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We are living in an era where things are happening that never happened before. In other words, we can say that we are learning to live a life with a restriction imposed on us. In past years , we have witnessed something unprecedented. Although we were all stuck in our homes, we found something to keep us busy and entertaining: The ever-expanding Social Media. The pandemic just not changed our way of physical presence but transported our minds to several places for longer terms like never before. The new perspective replaced the old.

Social media has provided a platform for brands to get engaged with their potential customer. Post-2020 and beyond , brands hugely struggled to get their customers back. The pandemic made them lose their control over the market. At this crucial time, they found a solution to their problem in content creators. These content creators are the new marketing and advertising catalysts. These influencers are well-known names in every household. Moreover, making them endorse their brand doesn't cost them much.

Businesses started transforming themselves as they adapted the new means thus recapturing the market share with new Content Ideas through a trusted demonstrator: An Influencer. The art of convincing the customers through Influencers is known as Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is one of them. The list is endless but some grabbed more attention than others. Zoella Zeebo and Lauren Conrad are among the topmost fashion influencers. Rati Tehri Singh makes a blog on makeup with her husband and claims 7.2 M followers on Facebook. Cricket Superstar Virat Kohli with 179M followers in India & Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and captains the Portugal national team,Cristiano Ronaldo with 393M followers are Mega Influencers. Earlier it was only restricted to Bollywood/Hollywood Stars and Cricketers. But these days we have witnessed that guy or girls next door endorsing famous brands.

Trust plays a key factor

Influencer marketing was a $13 billion industry in the year 2021 and anticipate $ 85 billion by the year 2028. These influencers operate across many social media platforms and they claim a huge fan following. They create and showcase their content, in the form of posts, exciting & informative videos, reels of various products/services through different social media platforms. The whole campaign is to make the consumer of the content believe that they recommend only those products they have used and trust. Trust plays a key factor is the whole game theory.

The more , the merrier!

Influencer Marketing is based on the number of followers one has on a particular social media, especially Instagram. . These people receive millions of views on their content or reels. Some have become so famous that they get treated like celebrities. Influencer marketing was already there. We have always preferred choosing products endorsed by our favorite personalities while we became their fan base. Thanks to the ever-extending virtual world, becoming an Influencer is within the reach of even the commoners.

In the business world, Influencer Marketing helps brands to slash their marketing budget. It is also beneficial for the common man as they could get a more clear picture of the product with reviews from people they trust who are just a DM away. Digital Marketing has taken the centre stage. Social media has become a leading channel for brand discovery and purchase. Influencers also get recognition for brand promotion. Marketers also realized that this is the well-suited model for prolonged stay-at-home people to get some inspiration to make them feel better.

While the total population of the world in 2021 stands close to 7.9 billion, several global statistics and record keepers like Statista and BankMyCell claim the total number of smartphone users in the world to be around 3.8 billion, as stated by Republic World. It means that approximately half of the world's population has access to smartphones."Out of US, Turkey, India, and Mexico, Indian smartphone users appear to be spending 80% more time on smartphones in Q1 2021 than they were in 2019.I where people spend on average 4-5 hours on net surfing, a report says.

With each passing day, more brands are realizing the importance of influencer marketing. Influencers also work hard for making content to earn their position in the market. Although influencer marketing is very young, it has a promising future for established as well as new influencers with growing number of users of smartphone users , ceiling-less internet capabilities & brands metamorphosing into e-commerce platforms, Influencers have a long way to go.


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