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Jewellery Trends that will rule this Post Covid Fashion Year 2023

Jewellery is always been the part and parcel of an outfit. It’s not merely an accessory but a representation of oneself. In Indian Culture, jewellery haS always been considered as representation of culture and each & every occasion has its own presentation. Each year just like clothing and interior forecasting, forecast for trends that is going to be followed for jewellery also been predicted. Jewellery trends 2023 has many special things inbox for the jewellery lovers out there. As jewellery pieces nowadays act as a stand out statement for everyone at various occasions like parties, weddings, engagements & graduation ceremonies they will became bolder and bolder this year as predicted by various design gurus. Over the years the jewellery became a true personal statement and a choice of oneself rather than a choice for a community.

We all know, last 2-3 years have been tough due to Covid-19, now almost all over world has been get out of this pandemic and looking for new hopes and few innovative changes in the jewellery trends as well. Everyone wants a uplifting and fun jewellery post pandemic to boost their energies and mood. Since 2-3 years due to various lockdowns at different places people are packed in their houses and events as well as celebrations are almost not happening that is also the main reason of funky and big jewellery statements are not being in trend.

This article will focus on various aspects of jewellery trends that has been predicted for upcoming year i.e. 2023

Earings are always been the most used jewellery but due to pandemic and compulsion of mask use of earrings since last two years have been less. But now as the conditions are normal and compulsion of wearing mask has been abolished almost everywhere the trend of wearing big and funky earrings will come back this year. Korean jewellery and specially earrings are also among the part of this year’s trend. Long Drop earrings that reaches till shoulder will be trend these earrings will include huge pearls and other gemstones in it as directed by Chanel.

As per trend forecaster Jodie Marie Smith the jewellery in 2023 will spot a wave of youthfulness with more loose shapes and forms with lots of colourful gemstones studded in it. The colour combinations would be more unconventional and she recognises this year as trend of chaotic combinations.

Designs were more quirky but having more and more precious stones. Single jewellery would have various gemstones which are up-cycled and not cut in proper shapes as seen in Emma Walton’s Chunky ring & Susannah King London’s ring and TikTok drops.

This year trend will work on more organic textures with great contemporary feel. Popularity of Signet Rings as designed by Ilaria Icardi will continue to be in trend as engagement ring. In statement jewellery Gold will remain a popular choice with Mix of textures, links and solid shapes will continue to be in trend as explained by Libby Page, Director of

Pearl will continue to be in trend but in more huge sizes. Big and chunky cuffs will be in trend and they are likely to be used more in place of bangles as bangles are not considered as more practical jewellery option now. Givenchy sent all their models this year on runway with a cuffs on their wrists which definitely predicts a high demand of these this year. Cocktail rings will continue to be in trend this year with variety of gemstones in it.

Chunky chain necklaces and choker style neck pieces will never go out of style. Necklaces in gold and silver with gemstones and Kundan will continue to rock this year. Even heart-shaped jewellery will continue to be in trend. Brooches are another jewellery options which will continue to rock this year also. The iterations in designs of brooches it truly endless and can be made using various gemstones and metal.

When we talk about jewellery the points, designs and ideas are truly endless & it’s truly not possible to cover all the points in few words but above information will definitely gives you an glimpse about the upcoming jewellery trends.


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