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With a decade into fashion Industry, working in different segments and also different cities across India , the designer in us felt a little tinge .A plant needs the correct amount of sunlight , soil , water and environment to grow. A designer goes through a similar phase when he/ she is trying to have a name in the market.

Fashion design is a highly competitive industry that is constantly evolving, and the challenges facing upcoming fashion designers are numerous. Aspiring designers must not only possess exceptional creativity and design skills, but also a strong business acumen and an understanding of the complexities of the global fashion market.

A design program in college will provide students with a strong foundation in design principles, software and technology, and marketing and branding principles, as well as the opportunity to develop a professional portfolio that will help them succeed in the industry.

They learn about creativity , design process , various softwares , manufacturing processes , study the psychology of branding and how to create designs that effectively communicate a brand's identity and message.

Yet the real world has a different story to tell .Based on industry trends and common challenges faced by fashion designers in India, here are some potential pain points:

Lack of industry connections: Many upcoming fashion designers in India face challenges in making industry connections that can help them promote their designs or gain access to resources they need to bring their designs to life.

Limited funding: Starting a fashion business requires significant investment in resources, such as materials, equipment, and marketing. Many upcoming fashion designers in India may struggle to secure adequate funding to launch and sustain their business.

Production challenges: India's fashion industry has a reputation for fast fashion, which puts pressure on designers to create high-volume designs quickly. However, production challenges can arise, such as finding skilled labor, managing costs, and ensuring quality control.

Branding and marketing: Building a strong brand identity and marketing their designs effectively can be a challenge for upcoming fashion designers in India, who may not have access to large advertising budgets or established marketing networks.

Competition: The fashion industry is highly competitive, with many designers vying for the attention of consumers. Upcoming fashion designers in India may face challenges in standing out from the crowd and gaining recognition for their designs.

By addressing these pain points, upcoming fashion designers in India can better position themselves for success and build thriving businesses.


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